Any strike, hold, or throw not on the Foul List is permitted


No strikes to the head
No head butting
No point of elbow strikes
No biting eye gouging or fish hooking
No strikes to throat or spine
No heel hooks
No attacking less than four fingers
No groin strikes
No spear finger strikes
No grabbing of clothing
No scratching
No hair pulling


A fighter signals his submission by tapping the mat or his opponent twice or by saying "Submit".


Each match will consist of 3 Rounds.. Each round continues until a fighter submits.. There will be a break of 3 Minutes between rounds.


Square-cut trunks or Lycra shorts. Wrestling boots are optional.


A groin guard, (worn beneath the trunks or shorts), and a mouthpiece, (gumshield), must be used.. Shin  guards, are optional.


NHB grappling gloves will be worn .
     MMA Fighting Rules.