Started boxing at school. Later joined Manchester University Boxing Club but while still at university joined an ABA club. Had about 30 contests winning about half.

After retiring from competitive boxing founded and ran a boxing club.

Qualified as a ABA Advanced Coach and worked with the ABA National Coach in developing the coaching scheme. Became involved in running coaching courses for club coaches. Contributed to and took photographs for ABA coaching manual. Qualified as an ABA referee and officiated at many tournaments.

Went with national team to a Commonwealth Games
Took up Freestyle wrestling, (the style used in the Olympic tournaments). Competed in a few tournaments and became involved in coaching the sport.

Established private multi-sport gymnasium in north-west England and coached a range of combat sports including Freestyle.
Sombo was developed in the Russian army and is used in unarmed combat training. It combines elements of judo and Freestyle wrestling.

Was introduced the sport and practised it informally. Introduced several wrestlers to the sport.
Submission wrestling is largely practised informally. There are no national or international governing bodies and no standardised set of rules.

Became involved in the sport and codified a set of competition rules which were used in a series of very successful tournaments held in my gym in the north-west of England.

Coached the sport extensively and published websites on the techniques and rules.
Like submission wrestling there is no international governing body or universally recognised set of rules.

Because of my involvement inother combat sports I adapted easily to MMA and soon became involved in coaching the sport and organising tournaments.

Organised Seminar/Tournament weekends at my gym in the north-west of England which proved extremely popular. Also involved in developing coaching techniques and and safety procedures.