You and your partner walk on to the mat wearing just Speedo or square cuts. Your partner guides you gently down onto the mat. You do not resist.

Your partner locks on the first of the submission holds. At first you suffer no more than mild discomfort then your partner starts to increase the pressure. The pain starts building. You start to struggle that makes the pain worse. Just as you think you will have to submit your partner relaxes the pressure a little and you grasp with relief but just as you are starting to recover your partner once again increases the pressure.

By this time both of you are soaked in sweat and your breath is coming short gasps in the agony and ecstasy of pain fighting.

Eventually you can take no more and tap your opponent who immediately releases the hold.

Both of you lie on the sweat soaked mat for a few minutes to recover and then it is your turn to inflict the pain.

Your partner is completely at your mercy. As you increase the pressure on the hold he moans and strugglesare in complete control you can turn the pain on and off as you wish and ignore his cries of agony. You can encourage him with, "What are you moaning about? I thought you could take a bit of pain".

Eventually he submits, you release the hold and eventually both of you get to your feet. You towel each other down each respecting the others courage and determination. Then it is back to the mat for more sweat and pain…